Tuesday, February 18, 2014

And then it gets real...

So last week many were moaning and groaning after another snow break.  Arrgh.  But I am glad we had it.  I, and my family, are starting to feel the pull of having two busy, time-and-energy consuming jobs.  So, I was glad to have two days Thursday and Friday to play, sled, and just rest.  Once the weekend hit, I was able to see how I needed it.

Saturday we had our annual Vestry Retreat, and as I have mentioned, it was a blessing.  As energizing as it was, it did have a toll.  Coming home I worked, then reworked my sermon, and it was a good thing.  I am glad it was in the can and was able to have a few chances to go through it before Sunday.

Sunday morning I got to church at 7:50ish for our 9:00 am service.  When I bumped into our interim Rector I found that she had no voice.  A hushed whisper was all she could get out.  So, after celebrating twice the week before with her stable hand pointing directly to what I needed to say, I had the opportunity to do an entire service (sermon, announcements, and celebration of the Eucharist).  I am actually glad that I did not know in advance, so there was no time to fret.  I made a few mistakes, particularly after the Proper Preface (opening seasonal prayer) I skipped right over the Sanctus (Holy, holy, holy...).  That led to a few more hiccups, but I remembered the line in the historical documents of the efficacy of the Eucharist even in the unworthiness of the priest.  Hopefully that extends to first-time nerves as well.

I needed to do the Coffee and Conversation time as well, using an old favorite of The Selfish Giant by Oscar Wilde, and read it and talked about it for a few minutes.  A few actually became verklempt.  I know that  always do.

Moving into the second service, I felt much more comfortable, but it was tiring.  This time I had learned from all the mistakes, and did much better in round two.

I ran home, wrote a quick homily, and proceeded to pass out for about 45 minute, before I had to go back to church.

I arrived at 4:00 for our 5:30 service, got set-up, and then had an organizational brainstorming session for the Bluegrass Mass.  We came up with some great ideas.  The Bluegrass Mass went great.  It was fun, and for the 33 people there on our first 3rd Sunday service, I was pleased.

My wife came and picked me up, and we ran for a supper club that we had been invited to by folk in the church, and had a good time.  At 9:30, we had to duck out to get the girls home so they could go to bed.  School had been off for Monday, but they had to go after the snow days.  All in all, I had a wonderful, exhausting, encouraging, and empowering day.  I celebrated mass three times, solo.  I could not be more pleased, or more thankful.  Grace abounds, and I am enjoying the ride.

Tally of Eucharists so far: Feb 9 twice, Chapel at school once, Feb 16 thrice = Six Eucharists so far.  Not bad for a week and a half of being ordained a priest.  And I get to do it again tomorrow for Wednesday Quiet Service.  Thanks be to God.

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