Saturday, August 27, 2016

100 Blogposts and Counting

Just noticed that my last post was my 99th since I started this three years ago. I will be changing the name soon, as it is no longer accurate since I left St. Thomas'. We'll see what it goes to, but the redirect will still get you here no matter where we land.

In my time, I have noticed a few things. I love to write, and this has been the prime to the pump that I always needed. I am about halfway through my first book, and excited that a dream of mine is about to come to fruition.

Also, I need to put up more than my sermons on here. I will keep doing that, and several of you are loyal readers of those and this way you can keep track of me and the family in another way. But my commentaries and observations are often more widely read than the sermons, and should probably be doing more of that.

Writing for the national devotional was a great boost to my readership, and I have another week of entries coming up in two weeks. I will announce more on that on Facebook and on here.

Lastly, I like having a record of my sermons and thoughts, my own searchable place of what I have said and what I have stood for (and against). As a preacher, it is a great help to remember if  I have already used a story or quote too recently. It is like having a much more accurate brain at my disposal.

Tomorrow I will be posting blogpost 101 with my sermon at St. David's, but glad I could take a second and say thanks for reading and continued blessings on your journey, fellow pilgrims!


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