Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Mid-August Check-in

Two weeks into this next adventure, and no clarity yet, but much appreciation. The time at camp, as usual, was a blessing. Seeing these young adults give so much and love so much is always a sight to see. I was honored to be with them. Also, I got plenty of time to be alone and think and pray. Repeatedly I felt that the course ahead will be one of grace and security, even though it feels like I'm walking a tightrope in the dark at times.

I do not think that my feelings of comfort are delusional. I have found a few things to apply for in the last few weeks, and have been given some side gigs that can help bring in some supplemental income. I have two sermons scheduled coming up, and celebrating at one of those. My ability to be a priest continues. Almost daily I am meeting with friends, catching up, or listening. And as I look to today, I am thankful. As I look to tomorrow, I am hopeful. When I choose to look back, I can see time and time again that when things were darkest the land was being prepared for the harvest to come.

So there it is, once again I get to practice what I preach. Once again, I get to watch things come together that I could not finagle even if I tried. Once again, I get to live a life of faith. My heart, still being converted daily by the indwelling Spirit, is beating less rapidly as it finds its rest in God.

Prayers appreciated, as always, and still, I am open and running to YES whenever I can. Ask. I may very well say yes.

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