Monday, May 19, 2014

"And I alone have survived to tell you..."

Misquoting the servants of Job here, I am the last ordained staff member at St. Thomas'.  No pressure,  no pressure.  Yesterday our interim left, after a successful year, and for the foreseeable future (hopefully about two months or so), I will be the ordained clergy on staff.  And for the next four weeks I still have my day job as a teacher.  As stated, no pressure, no pressure.

Of all my work, the behavior of the kids make teaching the job that is more like Job, but alas, too often I feel, "And I alone have survived to tell you..."  It will be a haul, a long haul through the summer.  And then, I will be able to take some well-deserved time off.  So, for those that see me.  If I look rushed, hurried, or tired, I am.  And, I ask forgiveness in advance.

This too shall pass, just hopefully not like a kidney stone.  Amen.

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