Monday, July 13, 2015

A Day in the Life of Family Camp

A lot of people ask me what is Family Camp like.  There have been lots of metaphors tossed out, like a weeklong parish retreat where we create a parish.  Or like our keynote speaker shared this week, “This should not be called Family Camp, but rather Camp Family.”  And then he thanked us for making him a part of our family.  At meal times, we could easily be called Camp Gluttony because Shrine Mont feeds us too well.  But what exactly is it we do all day?

Our day starts at 8:00 am with breakfast served family style around tables, and then we head to the Rec Hall for a time of singing with our phenomenal pick-up band (many of these guys have been playing together for years, or minutes) followed by Morning Prayer.  Then adults have a speaker/leader, while kids and youth have their own programming.  This goes to about noon, when we gather for Noontime Prayers or Holy Communion.

Lunch leads to afternoons, where families go to the pool, on a hike, fishing, or maybe one of the programs we offer.  Many of us take much needed naps, too!  Dinner rolls around, and once again, we are well taken care of by the wonderful Shrine Mont staff.  Every evening we have a fun family activity.  A dance, BINGO, a carnival, movie night, and the beloved Talent Show are all ways to be together as a group, enriching and encouraging families.  

The days follow a leisurely pace, and people pick and choose what they will participate in.  Some people do everything, and some show up for meals.  The freedom and flexibility lets people do what they need to do for themselves and their families.   This experience is all about enabling you and your family having space to draw closer to God and to each other, and making lots of friends in Christ in the process.  Hope you will join us next year!

Note: This was a blog entry originally written for in my role as Director of Family Camp.

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